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Geese, unruly passenger interfere with N.L. flights’ landing, departure

['Geese love the Annapolis Royal Marsh and they raise whole families there before heading south again.']
Canada geese - file photo

A flock of geese hijacked a plane’s intention to land in Wabush Tuesday.

According to Transport Canada’s daily report, a Provincial Airlines de Havilland from Goose Bay to Wabush did a missed approach at the Wabush airport due to geese on the runway. The aircraft did a go around and landed safely.

Meanwhile, in St. John’s, a Porter Airline’s flight was slightly delayed getting off the ground Monday when it had to turn back to the gate due to an unruly passenger.

The flight had been lining up for departure, en route from St. John’s to Halifax.

Once back at the gate, the situation was turned over to security.  

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