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Knife used in home invasion in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

RCMP are investigating after a Graywood man was treated in hospital for a gunshot wound Saturday.
RCMP are investigating after a Graywood man was treated in hospital for a gunshot wound Saturday.

“I thought to myself ‘Am I in a movie here? Is this really happening?’” is what Gary Bolger of Happy Valley-Goose Bay said went through his head as a 10-inch blade was pressed to his throat in a break-in at his home on Jan. 8.

Bolger, who works as a court sheriff and does security in the town, said he was at work at when his wife called him just before 3 a.m. to ask is he had popped home on a break.

“I told her, ‘No, I’m at the hospital’ and she said ‘Well, there’s someone in our house,’” Bolger said.

Bolger left his work site and went to his home, arriving approximately five minutes later. When he went into the house he encountered three men and a struggle ensued.

“I got a hold of two but they got away from me,” he said. “The third guy, I got him in the porch, in the foyer area, I cornered him pretty good. I said ‘You’re staying here until the police arrive’ or something to that effect. And before I knew it I had a 10-inch blade to my throat. He pulled a knife, I didn’t see the knife initially, the knife went to my throat and I let him go. I opened the door and I told him to leave. He obliged.”

The knife had been taken from the couple’s home, as well as some other small items. The intruders had rifled through numerous rooms in the home but not the couple’s bedroom, where his wife was hiding in the closet.

Bolger said he had wanted to keep the three men there until the police arrived but the knife was pulled it changed the whole dynamic.

“When the knife came into play, common sense kicked in,” he said. “Rather than have someone die there on the floor, me or him, I just let them go and thankfully they were caught shortly after. So it worked out, it was a bad situation that worked out well.”

The police arrived shortly after that and with the aid of forensics and dog services, three men were arrested within a few hours.

Cpl. Rick Mills of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP detachment said the three men, aged 20, 26, and 30, were each charged with break and enter into a residence but since the investigation is ongoing more charges may follow. The three appeared in court on Friday.

Mills said in this type of situation the RMCP recommends people do not engage the perpetrators but call the police instead.

“The reason we don’t recommend that you confront someone is you don’t know what’s going to happen, there’s a risk of injury to yourself,” he said. “Obviously, you have a right to protect your property but we would encourage people to call the police and let the police deal with it immediately.”

Bolger praised the quick response of the RCMP and the subsequent quick arrest of three men. He said even though it all turned out for the best it was situation no one should ever have to deal with.

“Your home is your castle, as they say,” he said. “You get three males in there and your wife is home and you’re out at work. To get that phone call, it’s a phone call no one ever wants.”

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