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Mill rate Harbour Breton

The annual budget for 2016 in Harbour Breton stands at $1,546,702 and with no tax increases as well as some good news about the local fish plant, things are looking good for the town.

The mill rate decreased from 10 to nine and the general commercial business tax decreased from 18.25 down to 17 mills. 

There are, “no other tax increases and no cuts to programs,” said mayor Roy Drake.

There has been an increase in the fire department budget. The town also plans to spend more money on infrastructure and the installation of new fire hydrants again this year. They will also be purchasing a new pick up truck for town workers to replace the old one and there are plans to install some more streetlights around the darker areas of town.

According to Drake the town will be, “applying for a phase three of what we call main road north capital works. There’s a project on the go right now of water and sewer upgrades to main road north.”

Phase one and two are complete and the town is hoping for a 90/10 cost share for phase three, the same as phases one and two.

There will still be a focus on other areas of town as well where roads need to be upgraded to handle some water issues,

“We’ve spent a lot of money on infrastructure in the last two years,” said Drake.

There are “not too many negatives for us,” he added, and “of course the (fish) plant is scheduled to come online and reopen early in the New Year.”


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