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Motorists warned to watch out for caribou on Northern Peninsula roads

In the span of two years, the Fogo Island caribou herd has declined by nearly 40 per cent. A 2017 survey suggests there are 215 caribou left on the island. 
The St. Anthony caribou herd is anticipated to be returning to its spring and summer ranges soon and will be crossing roads in the area.

NORTHERN PENINSULA, NL – The provincial government is cautioning drivers to keep an eye out for caribou on the Northern Peninsula.

The Department of Fisheries and Land Resources has issued an advisory asking motorists to exercise caution in the area between the airport in St. Anthony to Eddies Cove along Route 430 and also from the airport to Main Brook via the Hare Bay Road.

A significant portion of the St. Anthony caribou herd overwintered north of Route 430, according to the advisory, and the animals return to their spring and summer ranges this time of year.

To make their return, the caribou need to cross the two sections of roads at various locations. The herd is expected to be around the roads over the next few weeks.

Motorists should reduce their speed in these areas, particularly at night, when encounters are more likely.

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