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New budget brings small tax increase for Buchans

The town of Buchans required an exercise in fairness to set its 2016 budget at $675,491.38 at a meeting on Dec. 16.

There has been a slight decrease in the mil rate from 9.5 to 8.25 as agreed upon by council; this applied to the 114 households where the mil rate is used to set taxes.

A small increase in the minimum tax rate was necessary however, “for those homeowners paying the minimum tax rate of $310 per year there was an increase to $345 per year,” explained mayor Derm Corbett. “That’s an average household increase of 11.28 per cent” and this applies to the 310 households where the minimum tax is used to set the tax rate.

“If we had not reduced the mil rate we could have had tax increases of $200 in some houses,” said Corbert, “so we evened out the tax burden.”

“Like most small towns there’s not much to cut, we’re not like a large town where there’s fat there to cut,” Corbett added.

He couldn’t point to any decrease in services. “We’re pretty much full out all the time on what we can offer,” added Corbett.

The town has a few plans for capital works using the gas tax credit money.

There are some water and sewer issues, sidewalk issues, road issues and water issues said Corbert , “what we can do we’re going to try to do though our gas tax fund.”

The town has been approved for some small projects they hope to take on.

“We’d like to do some sidewalk work,” said Corbett. “We have some sidewalks that are really in bad shape. They’re deteriorated.”

The town hopes to continue on with some roadwork that was done last year using gas tax funding that.


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