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New volunteers invigorate Baie Verte recreation

['A couple roofers were spotted making repairs to Baie Verte recreation’s swimming pool facility, utilized by children from various communities, as well as the Baie Verte Dolphins competitive summer swim club.']
Baie Verte swimming pool.

Commission members pleased with renewed enthusiasm

BAIE VERTE, N.L. - Laura Bailey, outgoing chair of the Baie Verte Recreation Commission, is excited about the upcoming summer season for the group. Until recently, a lack of volunteers was putting the whole summer program at risk.

Bailey, who describes herself as ‘renewed with enthusiasm’ said the commission saw eight new volunteers at their last meeting.

“We met with all the volunteers at our regular meeting, which is the third Wednesday of the month,” Bailey said. “We discussed an upcoming fundraising event and summer activities.”

In addition, as a result of the new volunteers, summer student positions can go ahead.

“We received approval for five positions,” Bailey said. “We've posted for the lifeguard/swimming instructor positions.”

Amanda Seymour, an area parent and baker at the Baie Verte Co-op, decided to volunteer after seeing a recent request from the commission.

“When I saw the call for volunteers and the note that it would mean no summer recreation I felt the need to join and make sure there was summer sports for the kids in town.”

Seymour sees the recreation commission as a key aspect of community life.

“I find it important for the kids in town to have sports and other recreation in the summer and anytime,” Seymour said. “Having something to do in a team environment is always great for a community and growing children.”

As the outgoing chair, Bailey decided to give the new members some time to get used to their roles before voting on executive positions. The election was scheduled for the monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 16.

While the eight new volunteers turned the tide for the commission, Bailey said the group can always use more help.

“We'll never turn down volunteers,” Bailey said. “The more there are, the less commitment there is to each individual member and therefore minimizing volunteer burnout.”

Seymour says that volunteering allows people to show support for their community, especially for the kids.

“Volunteering is such a great way to show pride in your community and to make sure that the kids know that we are all out there looking out for them,” Seymour said.

In addition to the support from community members, Bailey, and the recreation commission, are especially grateful for the recent support from the town.

“I'd like to thank the Town of Baie Verte,” Bailey said. “Over the past 12 to 18 months I've seen a change in their level of involvement with us and there has been a lot more communication between our committee and the council making us feel like the town has our backs and we appreciate that.”

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