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Presentation Sisters gift brings project a step closer

It’s a gift that will mean a lot for families facing the end of life process.

The Sisters of the Presentation of Newfoundland and Labrador are will known in the central region.

Yesterday, June 9, they announced they would be gifting the Renewal Center property at 3 St. Catherine Street to be used as the Lionel Kelland House Hospice.

Sister Sharon Fagan, Leader of the Sisters of the Presentation of Newfoundland and Labrador, said during a press conference, “The Sisters are called to serve the community.  Over a year ago we decided there was no longer a need for us to provide programs and services at St. Catherine’s Renewal Centre.

“In keeping with the spirit of our foundress, Nano Nagle, we choose to gift this property to help offer care and compassion to vulnerable people.”

The Dr. Lionel Kelland House is intended to provide quality care for people from central and southern Newfoundland who are facing terminal illness and end of life issues.

“There’s almost no words you can put around the magnitude of the gift that you’ve given us today, it’s an amazing gift,” said Dr. Jeff Cole, vice president of medical service with the Central Health Authority.

Without the gift of the Renewal Center plans for the hospice would be three or more years behind.

“We went from dreaming . . . of openinig a hospice, with a next step to funding to get a building on the ground. And now we’re catapulted into a building we could never imagine that has the capability to expand and be whatever we want it to be in the future.

“We would never be at this stage without this gracious gift,” added Dr. Cole.

It is the hope of the Presentation Sisters that, together, they will create a hospice that will be a place of comfort and peace for those who need palliative care.

“We are extremely grateful for this gift which marks their legacy, and also puts us into high gear in getting closer to our collective vision and the dream of Dr. Kelland.  It excites and boosts public support,” said Dr. Cole. 

 “We hope that this gift will mark our legacy among the people of this region,” added sister Fagan.

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