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Public Accounts Committee looking at Humber Valley Paving contract

Politicians from the Public Accounts Committee are finally sitting down to scrutinize the Humber Valley Paving scandal.

Frank Coleman

Senior bureaucrats with the Department of Transportation and Justice are in the legislature to answer politicians' questions.

Nobody from Humber Valley Paving is present to answer questions, nor is former transportation minister Nick McGrath, who lost his job over the controversy.

Humber Valley Paving was owned by businessman Frank Coleman, the company which had a government contract to pave a stretch of the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Humber Valley Paving concluded that it couldn't do the work without losing money, and McGrath personally intervened to cancel the contract.

All of this coincided with Coleman's decision to jump into politics and run for the leadership of the PC Party. McGrath's decision to let Humber Valley Paving out of the contract happened just one day before Coleman decided to run.

Coleman was ultimately on track to become acclaimed as leader of the PC Party, and thus the premier of the province, until he quit politics in June 2014 for undisclosed family reasons.

The Public Accounts Committee hearing on the matter was supposed to happen in August, but it was cancelled after every Tory member on the committee said they were too busy to show up.

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