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St. Mark’s School in King’s Cove closed as protest blocks busses

A protest organized by parents has blocked every access and busses turned around before reaching the school.

Protest outside St. Mark's School in King's Cove. 

The parents are protesting the loss of a teaching unit following recent budget cuts.

In a recent letter sent to Bonavista MHA Neil King and Minster of Education Dale Kirby, St. Mark’s school council president Sandra Furlong said the school has continued to lose teaching units while their enrollment has remained the same.

Furlong said with current cuts they might have a four class room of multi-grades which “screams disaster.”

“There is no way anyone can convince me that having children from grade 3-6 in one room would prove anything but disaster and should never be allowed to happen,” she says.

The Packet will have more on this throughout the day.

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