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Surplus from Lewisporte Mussel Bed Soiree put away for a rainy day

In light of the revenue issues facing the organizers of the Salmon Festival “mega-concert”, the town of Lewisporte finds themselves in an enviable position.

During their Nov. 24 meeting the town council approved a motion to direct surplus funds from the Mussel Bed Soiree into a GIC. The amount to be deposited this year is $250,000.

The funds will be kept in the GIC for future needs and “insurance in the event of a bad Soiree year.”

Further to discussion about the Mussel Bed Soiree, the question was posed as to the status of booking bands for the 2016 Soiree Concert in the Park.

It was indicated that negotiations are still underway with the goal of having the Soiree line-up confirmed in time to offer ticket sales in time for Christmas.

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