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Tire stockpile outside Grand Bank deemed a hazard

Grand Bank harbour.
Grand Bank harbour. - SaltWire Network

Around the council table - June 18

GRAND BANK, N.L. — There is concern with the accumulation of a large number of tires on a property in Gunville.

The area is located outside Grand Bank’s municipal boundary but falls within the town’s planning boundary.

Town manager Wayne Bolt said the issue was recently discussed by the Grand Bank Volunteer Fire Department.

Bolt said the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment has been made aware of the hazard and a request has been made for them to send someone to visit the site as soon as possible.

Bolt, who said there are apparently over 200 tires on the property, acknowledged a fire in the area would be very dangerous.

“We will proceed as normal in a situation like this and contact the proper people and have them investigate,” Mayor Rex Matthews said.

Tender awarded

Grand Falls-Windsor-based Bluebird Investments Ltd. has been awarded a contract to complete upgrades on the municipal garage.

The company’s bid of $421,590 was the lowest by about $107,000, according to Matthews.

SNC Lavalin, the town’s engineering firm, recommended council accept the tender, which has been sent to the Department of Municipal Affairs for final approval.

The work will include replacing the roof, siding, garage doors, windows, eaves and gutters. An extension will also be added with a restroom, lockers, showers and washrooms for the town’s outside workers.

Worthwhile event

Matthews acknowledged a trio of councillors took in the Burin Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s member appreciation day at the Marystown Hotel and Conference Centre earlier this month.

Matthews, Deputy Mayor Clayton Welsh and Councillor George Bennett represented the town.

Matthews said the towns present were given a chance to talk about what is happening in their respective communities. He enjoyed the event and hopes it will continue in the future.

“I commend the Chamber for doing it. I thought it was a nice thing to do. The Chamber is going a lot of good work on the Burin Peninsula,” he said.

Pool upgrades complete

The Grand Bank Swimming Pool is open after the completion of extensive upgrades over the winter and spring.

“I think if there’s not rave reviews that comes back on that pool, I’ll be surprised. It’s a beautiful pool,” the mayor said.

He suggested one more project is necessary to finish the overhaul of the pool, however – mostly cosmetic renovations, sprucing up the foyer, in particular.

Bolt agreed with Matthews.

Bulk item policy changed

Council passed a motion to amend its policy for bulk garbage placed curbside for pickup too early.

Under the previous version of the policy, bulk items put out earlier than the day before the scheduled pickup date could be collected by the town and a minimum fee of $100 charged to the resident – with the amount escalating depending on the volume of the garbage.

The fee has been reduced to a minimum of $50 and is retroactive to Jan. 1 of this year.

Downtown redevelopment

Council has passed a motion to proceed with tendering for the first phase of the town’s downtown and waterfront redevelopment plan.

Bolt said some minor issues are being addressed and everything is falling into place for the project.

Residents can expect the tendering process to happen pretty quickly, according to Bolt, with the aim to start work sometime in July.

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