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Waste management consultation for peninsula towns this week

The Burin Peninsula Joint Council and Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board are hosting a consultation session for towns and local service districts Wednesday.

The meeting will explore options for service enhancements and expansions associated with the implementation of the provincial waste management strategy in the region.

“Waste management is an area that presents opportunities in terms of environmental stewardship, regional collaboration, and employment spin-offs,” said Everett Farwell, chairman of the Burin Peninsula Joint Council.

“As the new waste management system expands within our region, it is important that municipal councils and local service district committees contribute to planning and evaluation efforts. Through this session, we hope to share thoughts on the progress of the regional program to date, and discuss potential options for service enhancement.”

The Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board has been providing municipal solid waste management services on the Burin Peninsula since 2012 and has been gradually expanding its service area within the region since that time.

The board took on operation of the waste disposal site at Molliers in the spring of 2012 in order to service the southern portion of the region.

Operations were subsequently transferred to the former Town of Marystown waste disposal site in 2014 and services were expanded north as far as Red Harbour.

A further expansion will take place July 2 with the introduction of communities as far north as Monktown into the regional system.

“It’s been a major undertaking to conduct waste management services for such a large geographic area,” said Harold Murphy, chairman of the Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board.

“We feel it’s important at this juncture to consider the work completed to date, and to seek input from the municipalities we serve as to how the transition has worked for them so far, and how we may be able to further enhance the services we provide.”

 The Office of Public Engagement is providing electronic polling equipment and facilitation services, in order to capture data stemming from the roundtable discussions, for this week’s session.

Subjects to be discussed include options for bulk waste collection, waste diversion and related regional services.

The consultation will take place at St. Gabriel’s Hall in Marystown starting at 6 p.m.

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