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Make up the hay

I may as well get in on the conversation.

Not much good has been said about this year’s so-called summer and I get where people are coming from.

Even the RNC sent out a public advisory recently advising of a missing season: summer.

The provincial police force’s news release was followed by the faux “arrests” of TV meteorologists Ryan Snodden and Eddie Sheerr for their crimes against weather. By then it was clear our fellow citizens are as fed up with this year’s unfavourable summer as the rest of us, although, their humorous take on it all underscored our people’s ability to keep spirit and embrace what’s been given to us.

After all, we have a long history of braving the elements and beating the odds.

I’ll admit, I had some mixed emotions towards this summer but they weren’t necessarily for me. For anyone who has been reading my column in the past year and half, they’ll know the weather doesn’t really matter to me – I’m thankful for all days.

But I knew the unforgiving rain, drizzle and fog would hamper the summer plans of both locals and tourists. Events would be cancelled, camping would be uncomfortable and there wouldn’t be much water sports going on in 11 degrees, at least not ones that get you soaked.

That’s fine with me too – it just means I won’t have to cool down because I’m already on the level.

Of course, there are times when I nearly slip up by complaining or getting down, but then the lines of Eddie Coffey’s “Grey Foggy Day” come flooding through my mind.

In the classic musical staple, Coffey talks about how the old timers would curse the fog but would make up the hay when conditions weren’t ideal for the sea.

The message for me in all of that is really quite simple: there’s always something to do no matter what the weather is like and it’s an ultimate example of the lemons to lemonade cliché but with our own twist. When life gives you rain, drizzle and fog, make up the hay.


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