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August has been a slow month as far as activities at the Twillingate-New World Island Development Association office are concerned. The office was only open for four days (Aug. 12-15), however in that time the executive committee did take time to re-group. Thankfully there were no major issues to warrant more meetings during the busy summer and now our thoughts go back to planning for the future and our fall meeting schedule.



On Nov. 4 the Twillingate-New World Island Development Association was successful in getting a quorum for the monthly directors meeting. In addition to the usual business there was a good discussion about the future of the Association. Ideas for future meetings were discussed and it is hoped the Association will engage its membership more in the coming months.

The Association has been successful in obtaining funding for a Community Enhancement Employment Program project (CEEP). It is hoped that our project will begin the first or second week of December. Work will be carried out in the region in partnership with other community groups.

On Nov. 13 the Strategic Tourism Enhancement Program (STEP) Leadership Team hosted a community meeting at the Twillingate Lions Club. The meeting was an opportunity to review the progress and successes of the initiative in 2013. The Team was pleased with the session. Thirty-five community members and/or tourism operators attended and provided positive support to the group, the work that’s been done and encouragement to keep going in 2014. 

The following day the Leadership Team, along with consultant Marsha Pond, took time to review all the suggestions made the evening prior and started planning for the new year. All those with an interest in the local tourism industry will be sure to hear from the Leadership Team again as we move forward with our plans to enhance our already vibrant industry.

The STEP Leadership Team will also be hosting a Succession Planning Workshop early in the new year. This session will be facilitated by Bettina Ford of the Community Sector Council. The workshop will be valuable to community groups who are struggling to get new members. Details on when and where this workshop will be taking place will be announced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are interested in attending this session you can contact the Association Office to get put on a registration list.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Association is Monday, Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. If you would like to know more about our Association, feel free to contact us by telephone at 628-7454, by e-mail at, visit our website at or catch up with us on Facebook. All our monthly meetings are open to the public and we are always looking for new members. All you have to do is pay a $1 annual fee and you’re in. New members and new ideas will help keep us alive well into the future.

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