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Rural Development News ….Headline: Continuing on with Association business

By Kimberley Boyd-Young   The first three months of the New Year is always busy with year-end activities and preparation for the Annual General Meeting of the Twillingate-New World Island Development Association. By comparison May has been much more leisurely.

On May 5 the Association did hold its regular monthly meeting and a number of decisions were made related to the downsizing of the Development Association and the position of treasurer, which was filled by member Pleamon Jenkins of Summerford. Pleamon has been a member of the Association for several years and we welcome him as a member of the Executive Committee for the remainder of the year.

There have been many inquiries as to the status of the Development Association and many have seen the “for sale” sign outside. The Association continues to operate as per usual with the office open on alternate weeks. The Building is for sale. It is hoped that the property can be sold fairly quickly and in so doing we will be able to ensure the Association’s ability to operate for years to come. In the meantime, Service Canada continues to visit twice monthly and the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture still has three offices in the upstairs portion of the building. 

The Association is also planning to operate the Visitor Information Centre for the coming tourist season.

On May 8 I attended a workshop with members of the STEP (Strategic Tourism Enhancement Program) team and other representatives of the local tourism community to discuss and brainstorm ideas around the idea of season extension. Several great ideas were generated and will be worked on by sub-committees of STEP in the coming months.

Tourism operators, staff and persons interested in working in the tourism industry are advised that World Host Training is being held in Twillingate on June 4. The cost for this day of training is $30 per person. To register please call 884-2777. 

The next meeting of the Development Association will be Monday, June 2 at 7 p.m. All meetings of the Association are open to the general public and new members are always welcome. 


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