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The quick click

By BRADY WELLS   It’s funny; our current generation could barely begin to imagine a world without computers or technology. No cellphones or videogames. No Facebook or YouTube. And whatever would we do without dear old Google being there to answer our dozens of questions and curiosities?

Brady Wells

What I find rather mind-blowing is how quickly computers have become a common necessity in our everyday lives and I believe it’s only going to grow from here (though that’s difficult to imagine).

There are many people however, who have not really given computers the chance. Some may look at computers as these complex, difficult devices. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With just a few basic principles on how to operate a computer, you are providing yourself with much benefit and convenience.

Just about anything you could possibly want to know about can be found on your computer. Nearly endless news articles, recipes, online shopping. Whatever you could imagine really.

For example, just yesterday my Mom wanted to know if her necklace was made of real gold. I quickly searched the Internet and found a list of seven ways to tell if gold is real (I don’t think hers was).

My point here is that computers really do make our lives easier a lot of the times and it is well worth the little effort it takes to familiarize yourself with using them. I promise you there’s nothing to it. And if you need help getting started or run into something you would like a hand with, I’m available at the Lewisporte Memorial Public Library to assist you in any way I can. So feel free to drop by and see me and with a quick click you’ll be on your way.


Brady Wells is a youth intern at the Lewisporte Memorial Public Library.

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