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DAVE WHITE: A comforting sight

Dave White
Dave White - SaltWire Network

At attention as soldiers on guard, faithful protectors of the realm standing tall, they’d assemble and reassemble. Cormorants, sleek-swimming fish lovers on the march.

Relaxed at times atop their prominent pedestal, regal wings spread in unison holding the rocky western flank of McIvers Island, international peacekeepers of a sort. A comforting sight.

Eyes front and out to sea, they took up ranks side by side. Portrayed on the rocky face of the quaint harbour islet, or from just about any angle nearby, it is a stunning sunning vista.

For long parts of three straight days last weekend, gulps of sunning cormorant engaged enthralling rituals of nature such as are seasonally showcased on full display around coastal Bay of Islands each year.

Locally identified as “shag,” Bay of Islands’ cormorants begin showing up in the tickle by March and April to eventually share colonial breeding and feeding space with similarly migrating tern and harbouring area gulls until nature’s changing climes call them south in August.

Friends of Chinese fishers who make good use of the big bird’s natural talents, you can learn more about trained cormorants and their handlers online.

Father’s Day lobsterfest

Dads of yesteryear made little fuss about Father’s Day. Some modern types still don’t, but not many might turn down a lobster or two as a token given in paternal appreciation. Just sayin’.

Rick Crane got that covered again, too. A new father himself once more, the celebrated Cox’s Cove fisher, TV and recognized social media personality plays host to a lobster fundraiser in support of Daffodil House this Sunday at the Stan Dawe Limited parking area on Riverside Drive in Corner Brook.

The Crane’s Legacy lobsterfest event last Father’s Day helped secure 90 free out-of-town family stays to assist folk affected by cancer. The Coldwater Cowboy’s own dad, Ludrick Crane, periodically availed Daffodil’s facilities prior to his own death in 2016.

You and can do your bit by treating your dad to lobster and salads this Father’s Day. Proceeds go to aid the cause.

Meanwhile, this Saturday, the McIvers Volunteer Department is holding a community meet and greet to show residents their brand new fire truck and renovations made to the fire hall that accommodates it. Free and fast food and drink offer to lure some appreciation as well. The afternoon event runs from 1 o’clock to 3 p.m. at the firehouse.

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