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Always room for optimism

New Year’s resolutions. You either love them or hate them.

If you are one of those people who could do without a resolution in your life then there is someone who could probably change your mind.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has an optimistic outlook on resolutions and how they can impact not only our own lives but the lives of those around us. He speaks on how people with goals have helped change the world for the better.

In the online video the “Astronaut’s Guide to Optimism” Hadfield puts into perspective in under two minutes how the world is such a big place, but we are a part of this world and part of any change we want to see take place.

Whether your goal is to lose five pounds, learn to play an instrument or complete a university degree, Hadfield puts it into perspective.

He’s not saying you have to go out and find a cure for cancer or solve the world’s banking issues, but without the initiative to do something, some of the greatest accomplishments in modern times would not have happened.

Maybe 2015 is your year to make a change in your life or in your community.

As Hadfield says, “It all starts with a resolution. What’s yours?”

The Pilot welcomes readers to share their 2015 resolutions and how you plan to go about accomplishing them.

If you set a New Year’s goal and have been successful in seeing it through we would like to share your journey with readers of The Pilot. Who knows, you accomplishing a New Year’s resolution might just be the motivation someone else needs to set their goals into motion.

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