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Bigger isn’t always better

Looking to the 30th annual Mussel Bed Soiree in 2016, the Town of Lewisporte and the Soiree committee know people will be looking to see what they have to offer in terms of a lineup for the Concert in the Park.

The success of the summer of 2015 Concert in the Park featuring headliner Johnny Reid drew a record crowd for the Soiree, rivaling attendance at the Salmon Festival mega concert held in Grand Falls-Windsor.

Now Salmon Festival organizers recognize they have had their day of concerts featuring high profile international bands and performers. After losing significant money, they have no real choice but to scale back from the glory days of when booking acts like Bon Jovi, KISS and Aerosmith was an automatic recipe for success.

With the news coming out of Grand Falls-Windsor, Lewisporte Mayor Brian Sceviour told The Pilot that the town and Soiree organizers have decided to stay the course for concert planning along the lines of what they have done for the past number of years, offering quality bands and performers that will appeal to a variety of audiences.

Grand Falls-Windsor’s loss will not be Lewisporte’s gain though. Local organizers know their limits. They know they are pretty well at their limit of what they and the community can handle in terms of accommodations and amenities that can translate into a positive experience for concert-goers and residents.

Not every year will be as successful as 2015 where a perfect combination of marketing/promotion, entertainment, timing and weather were aligned to make for a nearly ideal concert experience. The organizers know that.

They know what it is like to have thunder and lighting delay the bands taking to the stage, people not responding with pre-ticket sales for some concert lineups and the one biggest factor they can’t control — but can make or break an outdoor concert — weather. The Soiree has seen it share of muddy fields and multi-coloured ponchos.

The Soiree has come this far with proper planning and coordination. The summer of 2016 will certainly be another test for organizers to appeal to the masses as the Salmon Festival reevaluates their concert approach because it’s anyone’s guess now who will be featured at either concert and where concert-goers will gravitate towards.


Give your feedback: As Mussel Bed Soiree organizers are already preparing for the 2016 concert, who would you like to see take to the stage in Lewisporte? Share your suggestions via the Pilot Facebook page or email and we will share your suggestions with readers.

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