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Gone are the days when a public library was a place of almost reverent silence, where one was afraid to turn the pages too loudly for fear of getting a scowling look from a librarian with a too-tight bun in her hair.

When you enter the doors of the Lewisporte Memorial Public Library there is an inviting feeling. Over the years librarians Judy Snow and Gerri Boyd have greeted library users with a smile and now Bobbi Benson is continuing that tradition.

While books are still the mainstay of any library, there are a number of programs and services at the library that go well beyond the written word on paper. With free Wi-Fi, people can make themselves comfortable with their own laptop, iPad, mobile phone or what have you. There are also a number of computer stations for people to access. There is even computer training through Computer Access Program (CAP) initiative.

As noted in the front-page article pertaining to the library, there are program offerings for everyone from age three to 103 and then some. Whether it is someone just learning how to read or a seasoned reader looking for the newest title or a classic, literacy work - the library will meet all those needs.

The local library enhances a sense of community by inviting guest authors. Many a time a musical instrument has become part of a presentation, much to the delight of library clients. Illustrators have drawn examples of their works of art in front of the eyes of delighted children. These are things that don't come from reading a book, but definitely help one experience an author's work from a whole new perspective.

In the coming weeks the ever popular Winter Carnival Spelling Bee (Feb. 18) and a Senior's Day event (Feb. 29) are scheduled to take place at the library. This is in addition to the regular Thursday Story Time sessions for preschool children.

If you haven't been to the library in a while, maybe it's time to drop by once again and see just what they have to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find available and it may just be the starting point for many return visits.


-   Karen Wells, editor

The Pilot

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