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Summer bummer

Breaking out an old Beach Boys album probably would’ve felt counterintuitive these last few weeks when taking into consideration how chilly it has been.

The frost advisories in June are almost laughable, if not also a little bit upsetting. And to think there are folks holding off putting away their winter clothing. Great Big Sea member Bob Hallett captured the month of June nicely with this little aside he shared on Twitter recently:

“The sad look my daughters gave me as I put on their winter coats on the last day of school screamed ‘ Why Daddy, why do we live here?’”

Rest assured, the notion that summer is upon us seems a little foreign. And that’s nothing new for Newfoundland and Labrador. It’s always a little bit hit-and-miss.

You might recall two summers ago was one of the hottest ever recorded in Newfoundland. Last July was a great summer month, only to be followed by a fairly miserable August that might bring to mind this lyric from The Ramones song “I’m Against It” — “I don’t like summer and spring. I don’t like anything.”

Perhaps it’s better to focus on the precursors to summer. Have you harvested any rhubarb yet? Fresh rhubarb jam with cream cheese on a bagel isn’t something you can enjoy every season of the year. Rhubarb crumble is a tasty treat, particularly if one adds a scoop of ice cream.

Ice cream sales probably haven’t picked up steam yet with the cooler temperatures, but there’ll surely come a time when a cold scoop topping off a cone will sound like a nice and practical idea? Right?

The shorts weather will come. The rivers will warm. The ocean will getting warmer too, if not quite warm enough for all folks to wade in.

Maybe the collective enthusiasm of kids finishing classes for another school year will aid the cause for improved weather? Is there not some higher power — be it God, Buddha, Muhammad, Mother Nature, or whomever — that’s willing to take pity on the kind folk living in this province?

Anyhow, July is now here. Hopefully we’ll all have nicer things to say about that month. June can go fly a kite.

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