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A letter for Torrence Collier


The following is a letter sent from Newfoundland and Labrador comedian and actor Shaun Majumder to Torrence Collier via his Facebook page.

Dear Torrence Collier of Wesport NL, 

You are a great kid. You are a cool kid. You have a million talents and can do anything in the world you ever dream of. I mean that. ANYTHING. 

You are the only Torrence Collier on this awesome planet, and no one can ever take that away from you. Listen, people can be really mean sometimes. Not just those mean kids in your class... but everywhere. People are mean because one of the only ways they can feel good about themselves is by putting someone down or calling them names. It makes them feel tough. Makes them feel like they are somehow powerful. Its not powerful, its cowardly.

BULLIES AREN'T COOL. Never have and never will be.

Listen when I was living in NL, in both Baie Verte and Burlington, I too looked a little out of place in a tiny outport. My father is E. Indian and Mom was white. So I got a lot of questions asked, but no one was ever as cruel as those kids in your town. But I learned to roll with questions about why I was different. But even if they did say something mean from time to time, it didn't matter, because I knew who I was I would just laugh at them. They were wrong. And so are those kids in your class. You are a great kid. You are a cool kid. Don't let them get you down. Focus on what you LOVE TO DO. Focus on who you are. Let them be who they want to be. You can't ever change that.


To Torrence's Friends. You guys, the time is now. Step up and tell Torrence how awesome he is. And Torrence you turn around and tell them how awesome you are!

And to the Bullies. If you are really tough ... if you are truly powerful, show some serious courage, and give Torrence a hug and say your sorry. That's corageous.

I hope to meet you some day Torrence! I want you to meet my Dogs Jazzy, Freddy and now their best friend India. Come on down to Burlington! All the best, and if you ever need to chat just send me a DM.

Love is way cooler than Fear.

You go Torrence! 


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