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A shocking display says resident

In the Aug. 6 Advertiser, former councillor Jim Courtney said he was both shocked and embarrassed by the lack of decorum demonstrated by Mayor Allan Hawkins towards Coun. Rodney Mercer.

Mr. Mercer ran for the Liberal nomination for the district of Grand Falls-Windsor—Buchans and lost the nomination to Mayor Hawkins. Prior to the vote, Coun. Mercer took a leave of absence from council. Usually when this is ended the person in question goes back to the position that he held prior to the leave of absence.

I question the mayor’s decision.

If one would like to know how our present day democracy came into being, it came from civil government and this is what we call municipal government today. This is a government that is elected by and for the people with no strings to any political party — you run as a citizen, not as a member of a political party.

With the decision that Mayor Hawkins made, one has to question, do we really live in a democracy and did our veterans who gave the supreme sacrifice die for nothing?

Courtney said that the mayor was like a school bully but I believe that the mayor was also being very selfish.

I didn’t watch the meeting in question but I can’t understand why other councillors didn’t speak out in support for Coun. Mercer but some councillors told him after the meeting that they supported him. This should have been done at the meeting, which would show their creditability.

I have a few questions that I would like for the media to ask our mayor. Did he use his office and town cellphone during the nomination?

Last year, this council increased the mayor’s salary to $40,000 to be full-time to the citizens of Grand Falls-Windsor, not to a political party.

A few months back I wrote about the mayor having the most travelling expenses for the province in his first four years. I know he was asked about this and his answer was no comment. In regards to his salary how does this compare to the cities of Corner Brook and Mount Pearl?

So far in these nominations a few mayors have won and the first position they took was to take a leave of absence. When will you take your leave of absence, Mayor Hawkins?

By these mayors taking a leave of absence after winning the nomination they are not putting a stranglehold on their town or city by being in a conflict of interest.

To Rodney Mercer, you gave a good fight but when it comes to power you fought against a pat hand.

When you vote in this election you have to think, do I want democracy or dictatorship?


Dave Barker


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