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August 31 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Clinic Concerns Update: In the Pilot of Aug. 24, we raised some very serious concerns about health care delivery in Lewisporte and area.

More supporters welcome



Dear Editor,

Clinic Concerns Update:

In the Pilot of Aug. 24, we raised some very serious concerns about health care delivery in Lewisporte and area. For those not familiar with last week’s letter I reiterate THREE concerns: firstly, the present facility is not adequate for the delivery of service; secondly, Lewisporte and area needs a new modern facility and what better place to have it than in the new health care facility being presently constructed (keeping in mind we have a fall election coming); and, thirdly, the constant change of doctors is NOT conducive to healthy doctor-patient relationships.

Last week’s letter to the Pilot has had nothing but positive feedback, however, agreement without action is not enough. We need you to express your opinions and as we go down the road, we are going to need your help and public support. If you wish to help us, please call and give us your name and number.

As a follow-up to the letter submitted to the Pilot last week, several people through misunderstanding, bad timing, and other circumstances, did not get the opportunity to add their names to our group. They are Arthur Sparkes, Campbellton and George and Pauline Winter, Lewisporte. We thank them for their support.



Walter Dawe, on behalf of the Concerned Group


Adding their voices to clinic concerns


Dear Editor,

We most certainly agree and support the comments in last weeks edition Re: Clinic Concerns and are only too willing to add our names.

Without repeating the comments listed, we feel everything was covered and would just add that there may be young people from this town who are now studying medicine who would love to come here and work in a new, modern facility. Now is the chance.

Also, we the people have too long let others do the work. Write letters, etc. Let us now add our voices. We have sent copies of this letter to all persons mentioned in the article.


Roy Hodder

Betty Hodder


Safety concerns with sewage disposal


Dear Editor,


As a long time resident of Range Road in the town of Lewisporte, I would like to bring the public’s attention to what I feel is a very disturbing practice.

For those of you not familiar with Range Road, it’s the road that leads into Woolfrey’s Pond trailer park. Outside the park gates near the town garage, there is a sewage disposal station. Upon making a few inquires to council, I found out that sewage dumped at this site it not contained, but is allowed to flow through the sewer system directly into Lewisporte Harbour. The outfall for this pipe is only a few hundred feet from the Lewisporte Marina.

The original intention of this sewage dumping station was to provide a service for the municipal park users. The park is expanding and growing in popularity all the time and more and more campers are using the park. This sewage dumping station is now wide open, to any and all trailer and motor home owners, unsupervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Are there safety issues as well as environmental issues being overlooked here? As a transporter of dangerous liquids for many years, I know that when a large volume of a liquid is released into an enclosure, the same volume of dangerous gas vapors are released into the air. These vapors are invisible and very unpredictable. They also behave differently on different days and weather conditions. On hot, sunny, windy days, these vapors dispense very quickly and pose the least amount of danger. On dull, cool days with no wind, these gas vapors are most dangerous. They are heavier than air and collect in low spots for example, under a trailer or truck. These vapors are hard to move and pose the greatest threat under these conditions. For those of you not familiar with what I am saying, sewer gas is called methane gas. Are the users of this dumping station, taking precautions, like turning off their vehicles, making sure their appliances inside of their trailers are turned off, not smoking while making the transfer of sewer into the enclosure. After what I have brought to your attention, do you think any of these precautions are necessary?

Word travels fast in the camping community and campers came form near and far to take advantage of this free service.

Anyone living in this area will tell you of the high volume of motor homes and large travel trailers dumping their sewage at this location. After the Mussel Bed weekend, trailers were lined up bumper-to-bumper most of the day and continued late into the evening.

Maybe the dumping station could be moved inside the park gates? Instead of a pipe going directly into the harbour, contain the sewage in a large underground tank designed for that very purpose. Charge the users a fee and this will pay for the sewage to be pumped out and trucked to a proper sewage treatment location.

There will be large R.V. caravans driving through our area before the tourist and camping season is over. Others will come and dump their septic systems before they put their trailers away for the winter. This I know will result in depositing thousands of gallons of sewage into Lewisporte Harbour.

The days of out of sight out of mind are long gone. Why should we wait until the proper sewage treatment plant is up and running in our town? It could take years before this becomes a reality. The sewage in these motor homes and travel trailers is contained, close down this dumping station, and protect Lewisporte Harbour as much as possible at this time. Have this sewage disposed of in the proper and safe manner.



Leo P. Dwyer



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