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Big cuts, no MHA  

By now, most of us had a chance to review the budget and nobody likes what we are being fed.  People are visibly upset and they don’t mind telling you. 

While the economy has slowed, this Liberal government is attacking us where we are most vulnerable – our wallets.  Many, including myself, are wondering where are going to find the extra money to give the government. 

Will I have to sell my house to pay for Liberal tax hikes? 

This is not the strong tomorrow they promised us in November.  

Notwithstanding the tax and fee hikes, here in Grand Falls-Windsor we’ve been hit, and we’ve been hit very hard.  So disproportionately hard, that one has to ask, where are our Liberal MHAs in all of this? 

The Liberals are closing the Supreme Court, closing the Department of Finance application processing centre, making cuts to MCP office, and cuts to the Central Health Authority.  Health Care took more hits with the cancelled endoscopy unit and laboratory upgrades, cancelled medical Labs at CNA that resulted in the cancellation of the Medial Lab Technician Course.

With closures of the Abitibi mill and now Teck, we have shifted our focus to the business of Health Care for economic development. In November, I stood and spoke in support of the business of health care as an economic driver – Mr. (Al) Hawkins, the former mayor, stood next to me and reiterated my points.

Why is he so silent now?  This is important for our community and our region!

To quote Winston Churchill, “for a nation to try to tax itself to prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handles.” 

This is the most regressive and misguided budget I’ve ever seen; there were more effective and visionary things that could have been done. Instead, the Liberals have shown they have no plan.

This Liberal budget has left us with no hope, no vision, and no ‘stronger tomorrow’.  And there are more cuts to come in September.


Mark Whiffen

Grand Falls-Windsor

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