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Bypass road for Kittiwake Coast

Dear editor, I am a resident of Bonavista North, and I am concerned about the time and distance it takes to get to Gander. A few weeks ago, I was out on my dirt bike and had an accident and needed to be rushed into Gander on an ambulance.

For years, people have been talking about putting a bypass road in between Hare Bay and Gambo, but it hasn't been done.

A bypass road should be put in because people who are seriously injured need to get to the hospital fast. Lives are being put at risk while we're waiting for a decision about a bypass road.

Having a bypass road would be a lot better for people of Centreville, Indian Bay, Trinity, Hare Bay and Dover. It will also be safer for the residents of Gambo, because people are going through Gambo fast and there have been accidents and complaints about people going too fast and knocking down people.

In my opinion, having a bypass road between Hare Bay and Gambo is needed because it's faster for people to get to work, school, shopping, and for medical care.

The only problem people would have is that the bypass road will take business out of Gambo. People can choose if they want to go to Gander or Gambo, and most people will be going to Gander anyways, so the business will stay the same.

If you think the bypass road should be built then talk to the government and sign petition papers saying you would want to have the bypass road put in.


Yours truly,

                                                                                                    Tyler Ackerman

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