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Compassion for our four-legged friends


Dear Editor,

Someone once said, “The measure of a society is how well it treats its animals.”

I witnessed this first hand recently on Main Street in Lewisporte and I would like to commend the people involved. A vehicle struck a black Labrador retriever around 9:30 p.m. As the dog lay in the middle of the road, the driver who had struck it pulled to the side of the road and the vehicle driving behind him immediately stopped in front of the dog and put on his emergency flashers so no other vehicle could  run over it (I don’t know this gentlemans name). He got out and started directing traffic. By this time a small group of people had gathered. The dog dragged itself to the side of the road and just lay there. Dr. Brenda Penney and Mike Ricketts came out and Dr. Penney sat  down on the wet pavement beside the dog and began talking and petting the animal. Someone called the RCMP and Lewisporte Animal Control Officer who arrived in a short time and gave assistance and eventually the dog was placed on a board and loaded aboard the Town’s control officer’s vehicle.

What really  impressed me is the concern shown by all of  the people who were there (no one knew  who owned the dog) and Dr. Penney stayed with the dog  the whole time although it was pouring rain. I’m proud to live in a town that shows that kind of compassion to  animals.

No wonder  someone said also, “We can judge the heart of a man (woman) by their treatment of animals.”

To  all those involved, you did a great job. You are appreciated.

 E(Nurk) Atkinson

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