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Dear editor, A few weeks ago, I spotted a large truck spraying some chemicals in the ditches along the highway between Norris Arm and Lewisporte junction. A few days later I noticed several small signs posted in the ditches.

The signs cautioned that the area was sprayed with a chemical called Tordon 101. The result of this spray can now be seen in the dead brown vegetation all along the highway.

I’m sure the so-called experts would be quick to defend the use of this toxic death. However, I’m old enough to remember when these so-called experts used to tell us that chemicals like DDT and Agent Orange were literally safe enough to drink.

Both of these chemicals have long since proven to be the most cancer causing carcinogenic chemicals known to man. Tordon 101 is an Agent White class of chemical, a close cousin of Agent Orange. Wikipedia says the following about Tordon 101:

“Agent White is the code name for a powerful herbicide and defoliant used by the U.S. military in its herbicidal warfare program during the Vietnam War. The name comes from the white stripe painted on the barrels to identify the contents. It was one of the so-called rainbow herbicides that included the more infamous Agent Orange. Agent White is a 4:1 mixture of 2-4-D and Picloram, (also known as Tordon 101). Unlike the more infamous Agent Orange, Agent White did not contain dioxin which was a contaminant in the defoliants that included 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T). However, it appears the Picloram was contaminated with hexachlorobenzene (HCB) and nitrosamines both known carcinogens. Agent White was a proprietary product of the Dow Chemical Company. Around 1985, Dow Chemical was forced to re-certify Picloram after having greatly reduced the amounts of both contaminants.

“Agent White was often used when Agent Orange was not available, including for several months after the use of Agent Orange was halted in April 1970. Approximately 5.4 million gallons of Agent White was used in Vietnam between 1966 and 1971. In addition, the U.S. Military tested Agent White, Tordon 101 and Picloram in varying concentrations at test sites in the US and Puerto Rico in the 1960s.” 

I haven’t been able to find information on the results of these tests. However, given the track record of the International Chemical Cartel whose only goal is to make billions of dollars in profit from slathering the world with their witches brew of toxic chemicals, their test results couldn’t be trusted anyway.

Notice that it only said “greatly reduce” not eliminate the carcinogenetic contaminants.

We are living in a world where the incidents of cancer are up by 50 per cent. Atlantic Canada has the horrendous record of having the highest incidents of cancer in the nation. There is a sharp increase in virtually every form of disease known to man. But, hey! The Satanic greed of the International Chemical Cartel reaps billions in profits. They lace our food with a witches’ brew of toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals in all our personal products, creams, sun block, shampoo, etc. Even in vaccinations there is a host of completely unnecessary chemicals added. Chemical fertilizers are used to grow our food while at the same time annihilate its nutritional value.

The only thing that equals or perhaps surpasses the Satanic greed of the International Chemical Cartel’s lust for profits ss the insane stupidity of our government officials who whole heartedly support and defend the use of these toxic chemicals. It doesn’t seem to matter that Tordon 101 is banned, not only for residential use but also this chemical has been banned in 120 countries around the world. If Tordon 101 is so safe, why the need for a buffer zone from waterways? And this chemical is being sprayed in the ditches of the highway, ditches which are designed and engineered to divert excess water across the buffer zones into the waterways. What’s the point of the buffer zones again?

Both federal and provincial levels of government spend millions annually promoting healthy living and disease-preventative lifestyles. Yet they turn around and slather the countryside with these and other toxic chemicals.

That leaves collateral damage. Oh, yes. That would be us. As already stated, Atlantic Canada has the highest incidents of cancer in the nation. Surely I’m not the only one who can connect the dots between this witchs’ brew of toxic chemicals that the government is allowing to be dumped into our environment and the high rate of cancer.

Cyril Miller

Norris Arm North

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