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Consider a ferry option

If no one else is interested, we desperately need a third ferry, that we in Central Newfoundland can access from the Bay D’Espoir Highway, a short distance to travel by car of 100 miles.

We would all travel more often - I know I would.

I haven’t traveled on a ferry in eight years. The times I would go are the 5-6 months when the travel of 300 miles to Port Aux Basques is horrible and dangerous, with high winds especially wreck house, extreme snow and slippery. These conditions are not fit for anyone to be on that West Coast Highways, especially tractor trailers as they get blown over in a ditch all the time.

A young couple was killed when their tractor trailer went through the guard rail and into the Humber River and drowned.

Port Aux Basques and Argentia are fine when the weather is better but we desperately need a third ferry crossing for when it’s not. We would all travel a lot more often if the service was better. The extra route would give us extra ferry jobs here and in Nova Scotia and other jobs with opening up of a new area in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia to tourism.

Perhaps some Syrians with money in their pockets might put a ferry in place and employ themselves and the rest of us.


Mary Ellen Brophy

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