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Disabilities and the job market

Excuse me for a moment to get away from my usual letters of praising up the government and instead focus on an issue that has been my bread and butter issue for years now. That issue is this: job creation for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are under-represented in the job market and instead of getting the chance to prove themselves for the many things that they can do in the job market, they are being shut out, maybe not because of their disability but because they are limited in what they can do and can't leave their home area to go where the jobs are.

For example, I have a two-year college education and a ton of experience but yet I can't find permanent employment despite sending out resumé after resumé since I got out of trade school in 2006. Currently, I'm unemployed and have been so since September when I finished up on a JCP.

I am working with three wonderful employment counsellors in my area and they're doing all they can to help me find work but there should be increased resources and incentives for employers to hire people with disabilities.

While I know that money is tight now with oil going down, there is a still a need for the government to do more to help those with disabilities find long-term work. Although this current government has done a lot to further the cause of those with disabilities, people with disabilities absolutely should be given more employment opportunities than they are now.

I also think that a re-elected PC government or an elected Liberal or NDP government should reinstate employment counsellors who specifically work with those with disabilities to help them find work. I had an employment counsellor for years who worked with those with disabilities and they did great work for me. Don't know why government eliminated those whatsoever.

This, of course, should take nothing away from my current employment counsellors who have done excellent work for me.

So, in closing, let's hope through this letter to the editor we increase awareness to this issue that needs and deserves all the attention it can get.

Tony Ducey

Frenchman's Cove

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