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Driver of flipped car near Gander says thank you

Editor’s note: On Nov. 1, a single vehicle accident occurred approximately nine kilometres west of Gander. At the time it appeared the lone occupant hydroplaned off the road, causing it to flip bottom up. This is her message.

Approximately nine kilometres west of Gander on Nov.1

Thank you to everyone that stopped to help the driver of the flipped car on Tuesday, Nov. 1. 

None of you had any way of knowing that I was travelling on my own from Ontario, that I didn't know any local numbers to call, that my phone with my local contacts was lost in the grass—and yet, everyone stopped to see if they could help.   

In particular I want to thank the two men that made it to my car just as I kicked the window to get out of the car, it was such a relief to see that I wouldn't need to figure things out on my own! 

Thank you for keeping me in your car even after the RCMP arrived. Thank you to Billy from McCormick's for offering to meet me after hours at the yard to help me get everything out of my car. Thank you to the RCMP officers that were very kind and helped me organize a new rental. Thank you to Brian, director of Safety and Aviation at the Gander airport, what I received was fatherly advice and sharing his personal number if I needed after hours help. 

Everyone I encountered made this very scary experience more tolerable, and strengthened my opinion that the people of Newfoundland and particularly Gander are a warm and caring people! Thank you, please keep this charm and know that it is unique and valuable. 


Moran Elchler 

Driver of flipped car 

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