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Drop the speed

Dear editor:For some time I’ve been contemplating the death trap at the Cooper Boulevard/Trans Canada Highway intersection.

A large sign stands 500 metres to the east, warning that you are rapidly closing with a ‘T’ junction. Often, as one approaches it at 100 kmph — sometimes more — a vehicle casually pulls out of Cooper at a leisurely pace, the driver oblivious to the fact that something is hurtling toward him at 33 metres per second.

Once beyond the intersection, many drivers slow to 60 kmph again, not realizing it is still a 100-kmph zone for the next kilometre. Other complications arise when an out-of-town or timid driver hesitates because they have no idea (signal lights being optional) what an approaching vehicle might do. In addition, a merge lane is practically non-existent.

I suggest the speed limit be reduced to 60 kmph west from that point on the highway where the 500-metre warning sign stands. Before anyone objects to lowering the speed limit, I would point out that I seldom drive as slow as 100 kmph unless there is a real need to do so. Here, until a bypass or cloverleaf is constructed, there is a need to do so.

 Bruce Hynes


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