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Encouraging people to support the Community Bus

Dear Editor, I'm writing about the hospital bus. This bus picks up seniors and the sick from Twillingate and NWI (New World Island), brings the people to the Hospital for their check ups and takes the folks to pick up their medicines from the drug store or their groceries.

As far as I know the Lions Club and the people of Twillingate and NWI paid for the bus, but the Government gave them a fund to run the program. Now they are saying the funds have run out and in June there are no more funds. (Editor’s note: In a prior article in the Pilot related to this issue, it was noted that Central Health provides funding for fuel and maintenance of the Community Bus and grants are applied for which are used for administration of the program. Without any grants available to apply for there are no funds to administer the program.)

It's not fair to these people who don't have any way to get around. I hope our Member and the people of Twillingate and NWI will fight for this because if they lose it now, they will never get it back.

I would like for all the people that goes on the bus call our Member, or go on the Open Line show and let the Members know what’s happening and ask them to try to help them. This is one thing I always see around Twillingate and NWI.

They work so hard to get something going then only a year or two it's all over. So I'm asking our Member of Twillingate and NWI, we still have the bus, all they need is a little funds to run it. Try to help those people that depend on this.  Their only way to get around. It's okay for you and I, we have a car but these people have no way.

This is not a waste of money. It's a good cost. These people were so proud they had the bus to depend on.  So please lets not take it from them. So people, like I said before, go on the Open Line show and let the people know what's going on.  Don't let your Member rest. Call him. Each person, not only one of you. All of you call him.

Let's get this bus back and help those folks.


Junior Burge

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