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Give Manning a break: focus on premier’s actions instead

I feel members of the media, commentators and letter writers to The Telegram should be ashamed of themselves for the unjustified attacks on Judy Manning.

Manning has implied the intense scrutiny and accusations levelled against her have, in part, occurred because of her gender.

Sadly, I find that to be true.

When Darin King (a male) was named Justice minister in 2012, no one questioned his legal education, (he had none). No one questioned his legal background or experience, (he had none).

However, Manning’s legal education and experience have both been raised as matters of concern, even though she has a legal degree and many years of legal experience.

The problem and the only problem with Manning’s appointment is that she is unelected and could be for a year. In a democracy that will not do. There must be accountability to the people and in this situation there is none.

The person to blame for this travesty is the premier, Paul Davis. Davis has no problem having an unelected minister for a year. He is the one who gave Manning the appointment.

The premier obviously doesn’t understand the accountability principle of democracy and therefore he should resign.

There is also another person to share the blame for this fiasco, namely the Lieutenant Governor. He could have simply refused to sign the required papers for Manning to join cabinet but he didn’t. I guess everything looked hunky-dory to him.

So here we have the two males who are really the makers of this affront to democracy, getting off scott-free and young Ms. Manning being subjected to the Newfoundland Inquisition.

It’s a sad time in Newfoundland politics, that’s for sure.


Doug Smith

Grand Falls-Windsor

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