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I’m taking Danny’s advice, and voting A.B.C.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will be going to the polls on Nov. 30 and we have a big decision to make.

A short while ago I heard Premier Davis make the statement on some news media that 25 percent of all the taxes this province collects goes to service the debt.

When the PC’s took over the Government in 2003 our debt was roughly $8 billion, at present time the debt is approximately $11.5 billion.  After 12 years of PC rule, despite the fact it’s been the most prosperous time in our province’s history because of the black gold (oil), we are saddling our children and grandchildren with a huge debt.

Last spring when the budget came down this government had to borrow another billion dollars to balance the budget and predicted for the next five years under their rule they would sink this province in the hole a billion dollars a year.

The problem with this PC government, they came into power at our most prosperous time because of high oil revenue. For awhile they governed prudently but as the price of oil went up they started spending like drunken sailors and didn’t put any away for a rainy day. Many people who live high on the hog don’t know how to adjust when times are bad.  

I’ll use just one example, in the town of Brighton we had a dam installed 28 years ago and has leaked from day one but the town has never run out of water.

This year the government, although in times of restraint, awarded a contract of $542,480 to repair the dam while other towns has water problems and can’t get help. This is just one example of bad spending and I’m sure there are hundreds more.

If this government is in power for another four years, by their own predictions our debt will be $16.5 billion.

We will have the highest debt ratio, the highest electricity bills because of the boondoggle called Muskrat Falls, of any province in Canada.

Do we want this to continue or do we want to elect a government who can steer this province in the right direction?

We have a bright future ahead with our fishery, which is the backbone of this province, forestry and oil, etc. but only if we manage it wisely.

As you have heard me say many times I want this province to be one that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can be proud to call home.  At present I have 26 living around me and I want that to continue and it can continue but only if we get our province back on its feet, so they can afford to live here.

For that reason I will be taking Danny Williams’ advice A.B.C.

Now is the time to vote for our children’s future


(Ret) Capt. Wilfred Bartlett

Green Bay South

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