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Justice in Labrador


Dear Editor,

It is with tremendous concern that we are speaking publicly today. The Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women is becoming increasingly aware of the risks facing women in Labrador and in particular, aboriginal women. We have heard of multiple reports of offenders who are being granted judicial interim release at contested bail hearings, despite histories of serious violence against women. Simply put, this means violent individuals, who have documented records of serious and repeated assaults, stalking and threats against their partners are once again being released into the community, putting women at risk of further injury or death. What is more, many of these violent criminal acts are occurring against the same victims, time and time again. This system is not working.  Most importantly, women are being put at risk by this approach to justice in Labrador.

While we appreciate the need for due process and the law, we are at a critical point where we are concerned that the rights and safety of victims are being repeatedly overlooked by this tendency to grant judicial interim release in inappropriate cases.  Our primary concern is for the victims and their children, and we call on the judiciary to acknowledge the complexities of domestic violence when determining the outcome of matters before them.  In addition to the accused, there are many people directly impacted by judges’ decisions and allowing individuals the repeated opportunity to commit violent acts is inexcusable. 

Mary Pia Benuen

Council Member

Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Sheshatshiu, Labrador


Linda Ross


Provincial Advisory Council on the Status of Women

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