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Kudos to Queen Street Dinner Theatre


For sixteen years, John Thompson and troupe, Queen Street Dinner Theatre, have offered the residents of NL and all tourists the opportunity to see a variety of stage performances in a convivial atmosphere of fun and participation.

The show we saw just this week was a tribute to ABBA and the baby boomers were out in force. I saw one mature couple “dancing at the table while seated” and later in the show on an open invitation from the performers, many patrons got up to sing along with the troupe and move to the beat.

And while the audience may have been a somewhat mature one who no doubt appreciated all those wonderful Purity products (Jam Jams, peppermint knobs , Raspberry syrup, etc.) on the table , the cast was a very young beautiful and vivacious crew who wowed the audience for some four hours performing 25 pieces in two sets. It was obvious the Queen Street Theatre troupe had our two grandkids and one of their buddies completely fixated by the show, apart from the kids’ few obligatory trips to the lavatory.

Now I and many of my students from Grand Falls Academy High School on various European trips were privileged to attend Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera in a London theater, and both were excellent productions. The only complaint I had which we still joke about from The Phantom of the Opera production was the little old lady and daughter dressed in a sort of black ruffled antique crepe (somewhat like in the style of President Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd Lincoln) and so rapidly moving their fans in the humid air that we were distracted and unable to catch some of the dialogue. I swear if it had continued both mother and daughter would have become airborne if I had not requested a bit of a reprieve from their robust fan work.

By contrast, no such distractions were present at the Queen Street event in the Grand Falls Legion this past Tuesday. Everything worked like Swiss clock work. And the talent, both dramatic and musical was superb. I also learned from John Thompson while exiting that the excellent three course meal (garden salad, the baked chicken breast entree, and dessert), one of the best repasts we ever experienced, was prepared by the troupe members who also doubled as waiters and servers.

Congratulations to John and his complete cast and crew for an evening well spent. Oh yes, be sure to buy a few tickets on a painting when the trope members approach you because the proceeds go toward scholarships for those youth.

Oh yes, one more positive fact about Queen Street Productions, kids and seniors get a break on the tickets due to maturity (seniors) and immaturity (kids.) Regular adults pay a very reasonable regular fee. So why not take the wife, nan and pop and all the grandkids that car will hold and head on down to the Grand falls Legion, a structure made possible by the labour of the recently deceased military officer/veteran and his many fellow veterans. If too late this year,be sure to plan for next year.


Aubrey Smith

Grand Falls-Windsor

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