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Letter: Find a way to build Fogo Island causeway

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The issue of the Fogo Island ferry breakdown is in the air again. Of course the ferry system here is in a mess again.

The issue of a causeway has been in the minds of some people here and of course some of us believe that a causeway would be the ultimate solution to the ferry problems here.

Sure there is deep water in some places in the ferry run but it’s not everywhere. There is a series of small islands between Man-o-War Cove and Farewell which could be connected by a road reaching over halfway across the ferry run, and so a causeway is possible. What is needed is the will to do it.

It would be very beneficial to Fogo Island in many ways. If a bridge can be placed between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, then surely a causeway can be built reaching to Fogo Island. The fishing industry and the tourism industry here could be enhanced greatly by it.

Joseph Emberley

Joe Batts Arm

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