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Letter to the editor - Needing something better

Dear Editor, Here we go again. Another breakdown in the ferry that services Fogo Island and Change Islands.

I just wonder if the trend will continue and how long before we mount a protest for something better.

The fact of the matter is, a ferry is a ferry, is a ferry and it will never be any more than that.

There comes to mind the issue of a causeway or fixed link. Now that would put an end to ferry problems and all the missed appointments, medical and otherwise that it causes.

I’m sure that a causeway would bring many benefits to the islands that we do not have now not the least of which is the possibility that a person could work off Fogo Island and still live here and be home every evening if they wanted to.

I know of people who left Fogo Island because of the ferry service. A causeway with a toll fee of the same amount as the ferry costs could probably pay for itself in 10 years or less.

Some people say we should have had a causeway years ago. I agree. Again I just wonder how many breakdowns are necessary to wake us up to the idea that we absolutely need a causeway to the islands here – that’s the only real solution to the ferry problems here.


Joseph Emberley

Joe Batt’s Arm


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