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Letter: Where there’s a will, there’s a plastic bag-free way

Boxes and bags can be reused by customers to carry their goods, unlike single-use plastic bags. — Melissa Wong/Special to The Telegram
Boxes and bags are options for groceries, rather than plastic bags. — Telegram file photo

The little town of Blanc Sablon, population 1,118, on Quebec’s Lower North Shore and the terminal for the Labrador Straits ferry from St. Barbe, has two major, very well stocked grocery stores. Both these stores are now single-use plastic bag free. One is offering paper bags and the other multi-use plastic ones for purchase.

Not only that, the town has an extremely comprehensive recycling program, spearheaded initially a number of years ago by a young woman who started picking up beach and roadside stuff with her children.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when the collective will is there. Blanc Sablon could very well be a model for Newfoundland and Labrador towns, as it appears unlikely that the initiative is going to come from the provincial government.

Patsy Ploughman

Fox Cove, Labrador Straits

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