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Losing our freedom  

Here is a photo of my grandson, Jake, with his Grade 6 school project on the seal hunt.

David Boyd’s grandson, Jake completed his Grade 6 school project on the seal hunt.

Photo submitted by David Boyd

Regardless of whether or not this little Newfoundland boy decides to embark on a life on the water, or not, it is outright a criminal act perpetrated by the sealing industry, the FFAW and the PFHCB, and DFO that it is now illegal for me to take my grandson in my sealing boat, just to teach him how to survive among the ice floes. One hundred two years has passed since the great Newfoundland and Southern Cross sealing disasters and it is a downright shame to see how we have broken faith with our proud cultural heritage and robbed our children of the freedom of the sea that previous generations took for granted.

Unfortunately such laws get passed by two groups of people - those who want to usurp the wealth of the sea for themselves and those who grew up, not in the fishing boats, but in urban centres and as such have no understanding of what it means to have traditional coastal freedoms taken away for no good reason. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and hopefully this photo will make some people realize the great injustice that has been reaped on coastal people. It is so sad to see Jake doing his sealing project - not realizing he does not have the freedom to step in the boat with his grandfather, just to look for a seal! So much for multiculturalism as far as our culture is concerned!


David Boyd

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