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MHA challenged to take up the local fight  

Dwight Ball's government bought down its first budget and Grand Falls-Windsor (GFW) was really given the boots.

Once again Gander benefited from our losses, and where was our MHA? 

In the past few years look what has moved or been given to Gander - MRI, CBC, and now must recently NL Supreme Court. 

Also in the budget were job losses at MCP and the petroleum rebate, yet our MHA said nothing after the budget was released. 

A few months back Gander (in all its good), took Norris Arm under its wing giving Gander Health Care a larger population than GFW, in which GFW Hospital lost beds and there was a gain for Gander.

More has been given to Gander than GFW by the present and past governments. 

Prior to the closing of the paper mill, how many millions of tax dollars went to the provincial piggy bank compared to Gander - peanuts I would say. Yet, the government built a hospital for them while here in GFW we had to raise our own money to get one built.

The Central Newfoundland hospital was hit hard – (like) the $3.5 million for the new endoscopy/cystoscopy suite. When the announcement of this $3.5 million was made last year, then Mayor Hawkins said, ‘Providing first-class health care continues to be of paramount importance to our residents’. 

When is he going to practice what he preaches?  

To me and I do believe to the rest of people of GFW, he should resign as a cabinet minister and either sit as an independent or join another party. 

In the past, we have had only MHA who stood up for us - the late John Lundrigan who resigned when then Premier Brian Peckford cancelled an expansion to our hospital back in the late 70's.

As I said, Gander gains more from our town than what the governments puts here, like recently Molson Distributers.

During a recent bi-election in GFW, one question was about the town’s name. 

Possible future news flash - earlier this morning Allan Hawkins MHA for GFW-Buchans made an announcement that GFW will now become a suburb of Gander.


Dave Barker


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