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More than a name

In the advance of the provincial election we see numerous candidates stepping up to run for the different parties.

The names who are stepping up are mostly name candidates, credible candidates, candidates that will do this province well if we go based upon their name.

Names such as Randy Simms, Al Hawkins have stepped up to run for the Liberals. As has Gerry Byrne who has returned home from Ottawa to take a shot at being the MHA for Corner Brook. The mayor of Fogo, Andrew Shea is running for the Liberal nomination in Fogo Cape Freels. A district that has gone Liberal just once post Smallwood had three candidates step forward to run. Lab West has two people who where or are mayors of Lab City running there. One of those, Graham Letto ran for the PCs in 2003 and for the Harper Conservatives in 2005.

The NDP are attracting some big names too, mostly all in the St. John’s area where we see two well-known lawyers, Mark Gruchy and Bob Buckingham, going for nominations. Yesterday, Sean Panting announced he was seeking a nomination.

Unfortunately, the PCs have yet to get many name candidates, though Judy Manning is running in Placentia St. Mary’s. Hopefully as we get closer to the election the PCs will attract some strong candidates to run.

Still one has to wonder if these names, who look good on paper, will be any good if they become MHAs and if they’re running to better this province or running just because it’s currently “hip” to be a Liberal in this province.

A name can certainly carry a lot of weight on a ballot for sure but your name alone doesn’t make you a good representative of the people, hope people keep that in mind when they go to vote on October 19 (Federal) and November 30 (Provincial).


Tony Ducey

Frenchman’s Cove, NL

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