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More vehicles the reason for Avalon traffic mess, says lawyer

All of us who contend with the traffic snarls in an around St. John’s would probably agree that traffic today is substantially worse than it was five years ago. I recently discovered one reason why.

The number of motor vehicle registrations in Newfoundland and Labrador in 2007 was 417,903. In 2012, the last year for which the statistics are available, the number of registrations was 568,487.

These statistics were provided to me by the Department of Transportation. This represents a 36 per cent increase over a five-year period.

In the same five-year period, the total number of collisions went from 7,212 to 9,474 — a 31 per cent increase over five years.

Injuries increased from 2,037 island-wide, to 2,799 — a 27 per cent increase in the number of motor vehicle accident injuries in the five-year period to 2012.

Obviously, more vehicles on the roads spells more collisions and more injuries.

More vehicle registrations means more premium income for insurance companies, so maybe this keeps up with the payouts for accidents and injuries. Or do I see a premium increase around the corner?

— Chesley F. Crosbie is a St. John's based lawyer

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