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Name-calling uncalled for


In a recent Letter to the Editor Mr. Steven Fletcher, MP, gave his ideas and solution to the moose problem (over 800 car-moose collisions last year) on our roads. His solution is a moose cull. I’m sure many other people did not agree with his solution. It was Mr. Fletcher’s opinion, which every conservative MP and every other Canadian has the right to have. In yesterdays (August 19 edition of the Advertiser) Letters to the Editor we hear from Mr. Ryan Cleary, NDP MP, with comments that were uncalled for. His name-calling is the usual nonsense we hear from Mr. Cleary as he calls Mr. Fletcher dead wrong, an instigator, misguided or a fool. Maybe if Mr. Cleary had been paralyzed from the neck down since 1996, he may have a view of the moose problem. At any rate he may learn to disagree with colleague without name-calling and verbal abuse. I also shook my head when I read Mr. Cleary’s letter, right out of a NDP book on how to treat people. They do it so well.


Bob Duder

Grand Falls-Windsor

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