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Opportunity missed

On Tue., Nov. 17, Rogers hosted a candidate debate for the upcoming provincial election for the district of Grand Falls-Windsor- Buchans.

In his summation, Liberal Candidate Al Hawkins said that for the past 12 years our district has missed out on economic opportunities because of our present government.

I can remember when the mill shut its doors in 2009 and many people where asking ‘what is going to happen to the former paper mill’? Since it started production the mill had put billions of dollars into our town and the province.

A business was interested, according to the news, in starting a pellet plant on the former mill property but was looking for financial assistance from the government. Then Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy said the government wasn’t going to give any financial help. When Mr. Kennedy made his statement, who was by his side? Mayor Hawkins, and he supported the government.

Now Mr. Hawkins wants the people to elect him to be our MHA for this district. Who are you going to represent sir, if you are elected, the district or you?


Dave Barker

Grand Falls-Windsor

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