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Our lost heritage

I sent an email to the different political parties, asking if they would take a look at the traditional rights and freedoms to the sea that we have lost over the past 20 or 30 years.

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For example, you can’t take your child out in boat to teach him or her the dangers of sealing amongst the ice floes, or how to humanely harvest a seal. That would make you a criminal.

That’s just one example of the taken for granted freedoms that Newfoundlanders enjoyed for 500 years that we have lost for no reason other than a few greedy people who want the wealth of the sea, and no one else allowed to participate.

You could be an ocean going captain, but I am not allowed to pass along my fishing licence to you, unless you spend five years fishing with me for peanuts.

Incredible how the FFAW (Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union) and the Newfoundland and Labrador government have taken away the rights and liberties of our coastal people. I ask each party if they would look at restoring our freedom in a sensible and rational manner. So far I have heard back from one candidate.


David Boyd


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