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Population strategy advice for the premier


Dear Editor:

If Premier Kathy Dunderdale really wants to increase our population, her first step ought to be to visit the Roman Catholic archbishop and plead with him to fully disclose to about 190,000 local Catholics the official teachings of the church on contraception.

This province once had one of the highest birth rates in Canada. In fact, up until about the mid-1900s all Christian societies for two millennia had prohibited - on pain of mortal sin -the practice of birth control. It was viewed to be “more atrocious than incest and adultery” (Martin Luther 1522) and “hostile to national welfare” (Anglican bishops 1917). Those who distributed and sold birth control devices were criminally prosecuted.

But that was before modernism and the new morality overwhelmed Christian leaders. By the 1960s, only the Catholic Church continued to adhere to such “antiquated” thinking. Unfortunately, about the same time a new crop of Catholic bishops began to emerge who, under such mantras as legitimate dissent, politeness or popularity, quietly kept the age old moral teaching of the church to themselves. Thus the average Catholic began to act like the average non-Catholic. While morals took a nosedive, Catholics likewise engaged in contraception, pre-marital sex, co-habitation, divorce, abortion, etc., with little or no rebuke. No counter-cultural influence prevailed.

Besides the Pope - who travels around the world warning of the destructive, unjust practices of abortion, contraception and sexual perversion - only a handful of bishops in all of North America actually teach, admonish and warn their people as required regarding the moral truths of the Catholic faith. And morality is no abstract notion; it yields its societal fruit as does all ideology. The chickens do indeed come home to roost.

Thus we have the demographics which Premier Dunderdale finds so frightening. But the new morality is more terrifying than simply contracepting away future generations; it also eliminates by abortion 1,000 children every year. Since legalized abortion in 1969 we have lost as many as 40,000 or more from the Newfoundland census record.

Compare the numbers. Even if Ross Reid finds for us a few dozen more immigrants every year, it will hardly solve our crisis. We need bigger numbers, much bigger numbers; the kind of numbers that we’ll see only if there is a return to a sensible morality.

Premier Dunderdale, will you incorporate that goal into your new population strategy?

 Eric Alcock

Conception Bay South

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