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Remembering Blanche Lacey


Dear Editor,

You have to be old like me to remember all the really great, neat people who are part of our history. Blanche Lacey died recently; she was 106 years old, and she was one of them.

She, along with Kitty Alyward and Lillian Manuel, were some of the really terrific staff who worked in the ladies department of Riff’s Store on Main Street.

There are only one or two kids in many families today and, unfortunately, most of them are spoiled rotten and too lazy to go to work and be really responsible for themselves. I was the oldest of a dozen kids living in Grand Falls at the time; part of what would be called a poor Catholic family. In order for me to have some new clothes and some money to pay my way through secretarial school I walked to Windsor and asked for a part-time job at Riff’s Limited. I was lucky enough to get one and accomplished all the things I set out to do because of it.

Blanche Lacey was kind enough to make sure I got a ride home with her after work each evening, otherwise I would have had to walk because I couldn’t have afforded busses or taxis. She was a really kind person who was a special part of the person I was to become later in life.

Thanks Blanche.


May Ellen Brophy

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