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Remembering the fire at the fish plant in Cottlesville — one year later

The following was forwarded to the Pilot to be included in the March 23 edition marking the first anniversary of the fire that destroyed the fish plant in Cottlesville:

It was early on Sunday, March twenty-two, two thousand one five.

It affected more than one hundred people with income to survive.

The sky lit up with a glow from our burning fish-plant

And communities all around could really cry and rant.


A year has gone and its affects has taken its toll,

The plant-ground is graded bare and much of it is sold.

The owners gave it thirty years to go from nothing to more,

To rebuild again in difficult times is too much to expect for sure.


The road to Cottlesville was a busy route to drive,

As workers and businesses would depart and arrive.

Today the traffic has slowed to a little trickle

And the fish plant wharf is silenced by the tickle.


Some workers from all around got a government make-work fund

That allowed them to survive for the year that’s gone.

This year it looks like recovery is still up in the air

And the future of the fish-plant licenses are not clear.


There are rumors that would suggest that there still is hope

But we have to give industry quite a bit of rope.

It takes time and planning to move ahead from here,

There are still some people who can really plan and care.


Meanwhile some workers may work at other plants this year

Until our plant is revived again to success from despair.


Those who survive in out-ports are used to challenge and doubt

And find ways to move ahead when there’s no way out.


The gloom of one year ago has dragged us down

Because we will have to work farther away from town.

Such is our case for two hundred years and more

When our ancestors fished here and on the Labrador.


For those of you who pity us, thank you that you care

But we will thrive again and overcome our fear.

For those of us who here remain to overcome the fire

Let’s not give up trying to aim a little higher.


Many people in our town believe in God and prayer,

God can be our source of strength because he’s always there.

Let’s continue to think the best, as we hope and pray

Our needs will be supplied for sure, every night and day.


Victor Cassell, Cottlesville

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